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Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting Partner and CTO, Shares a Resource on Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

I’ve been deeply involved in Machine Learning in both my teaching at Lehigh University (in the context of money laundering detection) and in my consulting practice over the last year, and quite involved in neural networks for several years. This fine article from OpenMind does a great compare, contrast, and beyond. The references are quite useful as well. And it’s a really accessible read, so don’t be hesitant to dive in. You might be surprised by some applications of these technologies that your business can use *now*.…

Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic Consulting, Allentown PA

Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic, Presents Some New Thinking on Project Management

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Synaptic Partner and CTO Jeffrey Anthony lays out the basics of Synaptic’s Risk Modulated Project Management — a Project Management architecture that tailors itself to meet the risks and challenges of the project being managed. Not the other way round.

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Risk Modulated Project Management. Delivering the Results You Want. Sooner.

Innovatively Fuse Payment Systems and Merchandising Technology


Synaptic helps retailers revolutionize the in-store shopper experience by fully integrating sales enhancing technologies

Location Beacons and smartphone apps to
personalize and offer suggestions based on their exact location within the store.
help customers locate merchandize
empower sales associates to proactively assist customers without waiting to be “flagged down”
NFC payment systems to streamline checkout convenience
RFID infrastructures to seamlessly integrate restock and inventory with SAP and similar MRP systems
Vending and self-serve merchandising systems for on-the-spot purchases

How can these technologies help your retailing business?

Jeffrey Anthony


Allentown PA


Transformative Philanthropy


Synaptic is advising a major philanthropic organization on technical and logistic issues as they execute their life-saving efforts to bring clean water to areas in need across Africa.

How can your business leverage your experience and capabilities to give-back to communities in need – locally and globally?

Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic Allentown PA